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    DIY Heart Photo Backdrop

    Get ready to paint the town red in napkins! For my photo shoot this weekend I made a heart backdrop to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I must admit I can’t believe January is over, but then again, I know why things are a bit of a blur lately. Don’t forget to spoil the ones you love. (then again, shouldn’t that be every day!)

    Materials you will need:

    • Chicken Wire (4ft by 6 ft)
    • 3 Pieces of  1″ x 2″ Wood, 6ft Tall
    • Spray Paint (Whatever color you fancy!)
    • Hammer
    • Nails
    • Napkins
    • Staple Gun

    Step One
    Spray paint your wood (and your chicken wire if you want it to be less visible). Only one side is necessary to paint. It is designed to lean against a wall.

    Step Two
    Place two pieces of the wood parallel to one another, then the 3rd on top, like you are making a frame. This is the structure to support the back drop.

    Step Three
    Roll out the chicken wire on the unpainted side of the frame and staple down the frame about every 3 inches. Make sure you keep it tight to prevent from bowing.

    Step Four
    Stand the frame up against the wall with the painted side facing out.

    Step Five
    Here comes the napkin frenzy! The best way to start is to make the points of our heart. Take the napkin and pull from the center to a point. Place the pointed part through the wire.

    Step Six
    Fill in the full outline of the heart. I didn’t use every hole, just about every other. The napkins are an easy material to fluff and fill in, too!  I used about 400 square napkins. This is super easy to make any into shape or fill entirely. Use it in photos, at a wedding, birthday party or as a wall hanging to pop color in any room.

    Project Design: Jesi Haack Design

    DIY Heart Photo Backdrop



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